Painting in the nature.

An analog photoshoot made in Enschede, a little city in the Netherlands.

Pictures taken by @dimideniro

At 8am.

At 7am, me and Dimitri woke up to get ready for this photoshoot. Our goal was to shot with the first lights of the day.

The process.
The mirror.

Painting in the nature gives me a completely diferent vibe. Getting out of the studio, surrounded by the trees, birds, the morning lights… Everything to ease the mind and calm the soul.

The tree of art.

The exhibition.

Something that resembles an exhibition. It even looks like these paintings are part of the landscape – just like nature, we must adapt to our surroundings.

Stay free and stay true.

The flowers.

This experience opened my mind to new ideas and experiments. Art is much more than paint on a canvas, it is an idea, a libertation, it is our innermind expressed on the outside.

Pictures taken by @dimideniro